Haven't you ever thought about the fact that your beloved kids grow up too fast? Lucky Hands® Impression Sets or Magic Footprint Imprint Sets capture the fast-moving time for you in 3D and preserve the magic of childhood for life.

3D Casting Kits

At 3D Hand Design® you will find 3D casting kits for every age and every budget.
You have the choice between our all-inclusive-kits to get started right away or our kits without accessories, including only moulding powder and casting powder.

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2D Footprint Sets

With our Magic Footprints Footprint sets, you can easily capture detailed impressions of your newborn baby's tiny feet on paper as a precious memory. And it's easy, convenient, worry-free and, most importantly, clean.

The shop for individual memories

3D Hand Design was founded in 2005 to make 3D hand and foot models for babies accessible to as many people as possible. Since then, we have steadily expanded our offerings to include casting kits for all ages and purposes, decorative showcases and bases in a variety of materials, personalized solutions, and many other unique and wonderful keepsake gifts. We supply people and companies worldwide.