FAQ: Questions and answers for Magic Footprints

What is the difference between Magic Footprint Standard and Magic Footprint Special Sets?

You can use any type of paper but are restricted in size (max. 60 x 100 mm) with the Magic Footprint Standard Set, while with the Magic Footprint Special Set only special paper can be used. In general you are not restricted in terms of size.

What about the durability of the impressions?

The durability with both products is limitless. Both products fulfil the highest requirements in view of their authenticity. While the Magic Footprint Standard Set can be used over a long period of time, the wiping cloth of the Magic Footprint Special Set will dry out in a matter of days after opening it.

Why does the Starter Set for four impressions only have 1 field available?

The Starter Set for 4 impressions is a flawless product, with which however there is only 1 field available in comparison to the usual 2 fields.

What do I as a midwife have to watch out for with multiple usages?

With multiple usages please ensure that the feet of the baby are clean when creating the impressions or that they do not come in direct contact with the Magic Footprint frame.

Do I have to pay the regular prices when I am working as a midwife in a midwifery?

No, you will of course receive special prices on request just as our customers from maternity institutions receive them as well.

What are Magic Footprint Standard Sets?

Magic Footprint Standard Sets are an absolutely innovative procedure in creating foot impressions of newborns.
It originates from a product that was made by leading manufacturers in the US and used in maternity hospitals in the States for technical identification purposes.

What is the thought behind Magic Footprint Standard Sets?

The common procedures for creating foot impressions present either a health risk (stamp colour, food colour) or are connected to a disproportionate high amount of work (Plaka Colours).

Our research with leading manufacturers have confirmed this. Based on that there is no non-hazardous stamp colour. The products are not intended for use on newborn babies. That is why they are neither dermatologically tested nor can allergic reactions be excluded. This even concerns food colorants. Even the occasional used finger paints often do not fulfil the requirements of the relevant standards although they have a CE marking. At exactly that point we come in with our product. We will gladly provide you with references of maternity clinics upon request in which our Magic Footprint Standard Sets have been used successfully over a long period of time.