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Lucky Hands®

Lucky Hands® Casting Kit "Family" TRIO

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With our Lucky Hands® casting set "Family Hands" TRIO you have the possibility to create individual family impressions. Capture special moments of love and connection for eternity. With this impression set you will not only receive our high-quality materials for mould taking and casting, but also the matching accessories such as moulding containers, mixing cups, stirring spatulas and sandpaper. You can immediately start taking your individual family impression.

At this point we would like to point out that the creation of family castings is more difficult and small errors such as air inclusions or small blemishes in the casting result can occur more often. We especially recommend this set to our customers who have already had good experiences with our Lucky Hands® products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

A joint Mom & Dad casting can only be taken with children who have been able to keep still for a longer period of time. We recommend a minimum age of 4-5 years. For the hand model of a baby or toddler up to 4 years of age we strongly recommend ordering a separate baby casting set. 

The Lucky Hands® Casting Set "Family" TRIO - Difficulty level: advanced - contains:

  • 1400 g high-quality, harmless moulding powder 3D Pro with colour indicator
  • 2000 g high-quality pure white casting powder
  • 5 l bucket to measure the correct amount of water
  • 5 l bucket as XXL moulding container (19.5 cm height and 21.5 cm/18.5 cm upper/lower diameter)
  • 10 l bucket and mixing rod for preparing the impression material
  • Measuring cup for determining the amount of water used to prepare the casting compound
  • Containers and plastic forks for mixing the casting compound
  • Test set for previous practice
  • Detailed instructions for use with countless pictures and tips and tricks

The Lucky Hands® Casting Set "Family" TRIO is suitable for taking mouldings of:

  • 3 adult hands, or
  • 2 adult hands with 1-2 child hands from 4-12 years, or
  • 4-6 children's hands from 4-12 years