FAQ: Questions and answers around Lucky Hands®

Why is our moulding powder 3D Pro better than other moulding material?

3D Pro is easy, qualitatively high-grade and safe to use. It changes its colour during the individual phases of processing and therefore simplifies the moulding. Only here do you receive a certificate regarding the harmlessness of application even for newborns.

Does the child have to keep its hand still for the impression or can he/she move his/her little fingers?

If you prepare the moulding compound with 23°C (= 73°F)warm water, your child must hold still for 30 seconds. We therefore recommend you make the mould with children up to the age of 2 while they are sleeping or distracted.

Can I make the mould without the help of anyone else?
The best is to make the mould with the help of another adult and to make sure that no moulding compound gets onto any clothing.

Is a postprocessing of the model after the mass of the mould has been removed necessary?

No, normally a postprocessing is not necessary. However we recommend an acrylic varnish for the completed artwork so that dust cannot penetrate the pores.

What does "dip in shortly" mean and how long does the hand have to remain in the moulding compound before it can be removed?

The setting time ("immersion time") takes between 30 and 90 seconds. It is dependent upon the water temperature which you use for the preparation of the moulding compound. Contrary to conventional suppliers it only takes 30 seconds at a temperature of 23° C ("feel good temperature") until you can pull the little hand out like out of a glove. The cooler the water the longer it takes - 90 seconds at the most.

Does a new mould have to be made for every impression or can more than one impression be made from one mould?

You have to make a new mould for every impression i.e. it is a matter of a "lost mould" which can only be used once.

Is the moulding compound really harmless to my baby?

Yes, the moulding compound is absolutely harmless as it is a matter of a pure natural product. Nevertheless we have had our moulding compound tested by an accredited test laboratory - by the way, we are the only supplier to do so. Therefore only here do you receive a certificate for the harmlessness of the moulding even for newborns.

Can I also only order moulding powder or only moulding powder together with casting powder?

You can also order our moulding powder 3D Pro individually. However for the creation of the positive you require the casting powder in any case. Please remember that not only the quality of the moulding powder is decisive for the result but also the quality of the casting powder.

Which kit is the right one for you?

That mainly depends if you only require the material (moulding powder, casting powder) or if you require the necessary accessories (All-in-One-Kits incl. material and accessories).
Material requirements depend on the size of the hand or as the case may be foot and the moulding cup. The following chart serves as a guideline for the determination of the required amounts of moulding and casting compounds. Please keep in mind that the distance of the hand/foot to the wall or bottom of the cup should be at least 1 cm.

Moulding cup/ Age Newborns &
0-6 months
Babies & small children
7-48 months
5-12 years old
Adolescents & Adults
As of 13 years old
Moulding powder per impression
200 ml 60 g      
300 ml 90 g 90 g    
400 ml 120 g 120 g    
500 ml   150 g    
1000 ml     300 g  
1500 ml       450 g
Casting powder per impression
  80-160 g 160-240 g 240-750 g 600-1250 g

Are there other alternatives for moulding?

Yes, but it is a not a matter of moulding by dipping but rather of moulding by applying. In this case the moulding compound is prepared with less water and remains ductile. Should you be interested in further information regarding this method please indicate so when ordering. You will then receive an alternative method description and spatula as well as bag included in your delivery. This process is called for in cases when moulding by dipping cannot be executed because your child is a light sleeper.

What am I doing wrong if the moulding powder is lumpy after the first try?

If the water is too warm, it can occur that the moulding compound immediately becomes lumpy and can no longer be put into the moulding cup. In this case you should try using cooler water the next time. In general you decide the time you have for moulding by choosing the water temperature. The cooler the water temperature the more time available to you. At a water temperature of 23° C the setting time (i.e. the "immersion time") is 30 seconds. In the case of normal tap water at room temperature it can take up to 90 seconds until the moulding compound changes its state from liquidy to rubbery elastic.

How fruitful is the moulding powder?

You mix the moulding powder proportionately 30 g per 100 ml of water and get 100 ml of moulding compound. This means with a 450 g bag of moulding powder 3D Pro you get 1500 ml of moulding compound. In the case of a newborn for example this is enough for 7 impressions (= 7 x 200 ml).

Why does the moulding compound harden so fast without having chance to take a print? And this although I didn't use warm water and otherwise also followed the operating instructions.

Apart from the water temperature, the reaction of the moulding compound also depends on the hardness of the water. Normally it should work with tap water. With extreme water hardness, only distilled water will lead to success.