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Magic Footprints

Magic Footprints Standard Set

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Our Magic Footprints Standard Sets are suitable for the creation of footprints for newborns and babies up to 3 months. The size of the impression field is 6 x 10 cm. The paper colour (white, pink, light blue) and the number of imprints (4, 8 and 16) are freely selectable. The footprint can be printed on any paper.

Our Magic Footprints sets come from leading manufacturers in the USA and are used not only in maternity hospitals but also by government agencies for identification. You can see every detail!

The Magic Footprints Standard Set for 8 footprints includes:

  • 1 Magic Footprints frame
  • 5 DIN A6 cards
  • 3 DIN A5 cards

The Magic Footprints Standard Set for 16 footprints includes:

  • 2 Magic Footprints frame
  • 8 DIN A6 cards
  • 5 DIN A5 cards