The idea of our Magic Footprints

Who does not know it? If you try to create footprints using conventional methods, the tiny feet come into Fcontact with colour that cannot simply be removed afterwards. With our Magic Footprint Sets, you are able to easily capture detailed imprints of your newborn baby´s tiny feet on paper as a precious souvenir. And all of this in a very easy, comfortable, harmless and above all very clean way.

Our footprint Magic sets come from the leading manufacturers in the U.S. and are not only used in maternity hospitals, but also by government authorities for unique identification purposes.

You can really see every detail!

What can I use this for?

Make use of this unique opportunity for your photo album, self-created announcements of birth, collection albums or simply as a valuable supplement to your thanking cards. There are no limits for your fantasy. Frame the printings and thereby create a perfect souvenir for grandparents, relatives and friends.

Once you have made the impression, it can be scanned to make copies for announcements or thank you cards and so one - your creativity knows no bounds!