Magic Footprints Special Sets - What makes it work?

The Magic Footprint Special Kit is clean and easy thanks to proprietary technology that produces permanent images without ink. A soft impression is all that´s needed to eliminate the smudged imprints so common with old-fashioned ink systems.

The simple, two-step process yields consistently high quality prints ideal for scanning. Just clean your baby´s foot, moisten it with our towelette, and press it to our special paper. The special coating on the cards produces a crisp, permanent almost immediately while the baby´s foot stays clean and dry.


  1. Slightly wipe the foot with the towelette.

  2. Carefully place the foot in the right position and quickly remove it again.

  3. The imprint will develop in 10 to 15 seconds. Your work of art will be ready.

No more cleaning and paying attention. You will be astonished about how easy it works!


What is special about this?

  • a simple, quick and above all clean application.
  • no contact with ink or colours, therefore absolutely harmless.
  • imprint on special paper enables manifold possibilities of application.
  • suitable for all sizes, from baies to children to adults.
  • limited durability, i.e. if the packaging has once been opened, the wiping towelette will dry out within a few days.