How does it work?

The implementation is effected with the help of a special process which we developed for the safe and simple application in particular for newborns and babies. "Moulding by dipping" is foolproof and can be applied without any concerns.

1. Prepare the gel-like mouldingcompound in 30 seconds

2. Fill the moulding compound into a suitable moulding cup

3. Shortly dip the hand into it and pull it back out like out of a glove

4. Fill the mould with casting compound

5. Remove the finished statue by peeling the moulding mass like an orange

The materials which we use are qualitatively absolutely high-grade. Due to extensive tests and the positive feedback of our customers, we are certain that it is a matter of the best materials which are currently available. They have been used without any problems for a long period of time in the field of dental medicine and are pH neutral as well as skin-friendly. The colour indicator shows the state of the material similar to a traffic light. Due to the fact that safety is our utmost priority we have had extensive external tests taken nonetheless. Therefore you can only receive a certificate here regarding the harmlessness even for newborns.