Magic Footprints Standard Sets - How does it work?

The secret is in the micro-thin film (so thin it conforms to even the smallest ridges). The film has a scientifically-determined amount of fingerprint ink preapplied to the the underside... leaving the top side clean. When the baby´s foot is pressed on the clean side of the fil. The inked side makes the print. Since only the underside of the film is inked, the ink never touches the mother or the baby.

1. You simply put the Magic Footprint frame on the paper and press the little foot on the clean, top side of the transparency. The print is made with the ink which is situated on the back of the transparency.

2. The print appears at once.

3. Contrary to other procedures neither the baby nor other persons come in contact with ink or dyes. Cleaning up or watching out is over with. You will be amazed how easy it works!

What is special about this?

Easy, quick and especially clean application.
No contact with ink or dyes - therefore absolutely harmless.
rint on any paper allows for a manifold of application options.
Unlimited durability i.e. the intervals in which you create footprints is only dependent upon the size of the little feet because the printing surface is 95 x 60 mm.