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Coloured Dactek Footprint and Handprint Set

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This high-quality footprint and handprint set is the perfect individual gift for parents, grandparents, godparents, friends and everyone else.

Cute prints for eternity

Our children are only once so small and so young. We should have some nice memories. This high-quality set is just the right thing for this. It contains all the important utensils to perpetuate your child's impressions forever on high-quality special paper. Whether for yourself or relatives and friends, these impressions are guaranteed to please everyone.

The coloured Dactek Footprint and Handprint Set contains the following items:

  • 1 Dactek Colour Special Wipe light blue or pink
    (for up to six impressions with one wipe)
  • 1 x special card (DIN A4, white)
  • 1 x special card (20 x 15 cm, white)
  • 1 x special card (18 x 13 cm, white)
  • 1 x special card (15 x 10 cm, white)
  • 2 x special card (DIN A6, white)
  • 1 airtight sealable bag

Create your own little work of art

The impressions allow the implementation of many creative ideas. With the colourful Dactek Footprint and Handprint Set you can create your own personal birthday cards, frame pictures or use the prints as thank-you cards. There are no limits to your creativity.

Ideal for babies and toddlers

You can not only use this footprint and handprint set for newborns, but you can also perpetuate your own impressions. Thanks to the special colour, the impression will last a lifetime. The colour is absolutely harmless for the skin and due to the special composition and the special paper, no smearing occurs during production.