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Lucky Hands

Lucky Hands® Acrylic Glass Cube

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Color of felt floor

Our handmade acrylic cubes will turn your artwork into a real exhibit, at the same time they will extend the life of your exhibit and provide protection from dust and dirt. Various, sizes and colors selectable.

Ground clearance included

To show off your artwork even more in the unusual cube, a decorative felt floor is included in the delivery upon request. Simply select the desired color when ordering. Of course, you can also display and admire your artwork without the floor covering at any time.


This acrylic cube can be personalized with custom lettering prior to purchase. There are 14 fonts and 12 color combinations to choose from for the label. To do this, simply click on "Customize now". The following color combinations are available for selection:

1.) Matte Silver 2.) Black on White 3.) Blue on White 4.) Pastel Blue

5.) Pastel Purple 6.) Pastel Pink 7.) Berry Pink 8.) Light Gray

9.) Lime Green 10.) Gold Geometric 11.) Gold on Black 12.) White on Black

Easy to assemble

Lucky Hands acrylic cubes consist of two precision-cut, u-shaped halves. To assemble, simply place the felt base and your display piece on the bottom. Then carefully place the top half on top - done! You don't have to cut, glue or screw anything. The clever shape allows you to redecorate your cube effortlessly and as often as you like.