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3D Hand Design®

First Steps Metal frame with Magic Footprint Special Set

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With this set you connect two wonderful things:
Present the start of your baby's life in this beautiful gallery frame and immortalize your darling with an individual hand or footprint.

Discover the practical impression set!
Do you love memories and are you looking for a nice way to place them in your home or are you looking for a very special gift idea? Then this unique combination is exactly what you've been looking for.

The set combines the possibility to create with Magic Footprints an original memory in the form of footprints of your baby's feet and little hands and to present them appropriately in a frame. And best of all, the gallery frame is available in three colours (pink, light blue and white). In this way, you can choose individually according to your child's taste or the sex of your child. Please note that the range of application is limited to babies up to nine months, because the window in the gallery frame is not suitable for larger children with a size of 13 x 7 cm.

The high-quality gallery frame

The gallery frame in the set is made of high-quality painted aluminium. It has a triple passe-partout for 1 picture in 10 x 10 cm format, offers space for a footprint or handprint in 13 x 7 cm format and a labeling field for the name.

The impression set with Magic Footprint Special

The impressions of the little hand or foot are printed on a special paper using a unique wiping technique. This set allows you to create a clean, comfortable and unique memory in seconds. Suitable for the gallery frame, the impression set contains 2 sheets of special paper 28 x 22 cm in white as well as 2 precisely cut sheets of special paper for babies' footprints or handprints in addition to 1 wipe cloth.

Included in delivery:

  • 1 gallery frame made of high-quality painted aluminium with triple passe-partout
  • 1 wiping cloth Magic Footprint® Special for up to 8 impressions
  • 2 special papers, 280 x 220 mm, white
  • 2 special papers, suitably cut to the format of your choice