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Lucky Hands® water with low lime content

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Lucky Hands® water with low lime content for preparation of moulding compound with 3D Pro impression powder
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Lucky Hands® water with low lime content

Problem: clumping during the preparation of the moulding material with lime-containing water

From our many years of experience, we know that tap water is often used in the preparation of moulding compounds. There is a danger that it can lead to clumping due to the lime content and the associated degree of hardness. This often leads to disappointment and incomprehension on the part of our customers.

90% Solution: Use of distilled water

We therefore strongly recommend the use of distilled water. But even then, in a few rare cases, lumpy results are achieved.

100% solution: 3D Hand Design's proven moulding water for guaranteed lump-free application

At the same time, in more than a decade we have never had any problems with the water we use. This is pure, high-quality Barmer reservoir water from the Bergisches Land region.

What could be more obvious than to offer our customers the necessary water in addition to our existing moulding sets, so that they have a feeling of success with a guaranteed lump-free result when preparing moulding powder?

In accordance with our moulding sets, you will receive our tried and tested moulding water in 1, 3 and 5 litre containers.

Our promise - your safety

Only with us do you receive moulding water for the guaranteed absolutely lump-free preparation of your moulding compound. Take us at our word! If, despite using our special moulding water, you do not achieve a lump-free result with our moulding sets, you will get your money back. Should the impression material actually clump together, it is sufficient for you to send us a photo of the clumping impression material and a remainder of the available impression powder as proof.

The guarantee only applies if you purchase at least one of our casting kits at the same time!

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