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Privacy Policy

We take the protection of the private data seriously. The
special attention to the privatsphaere with the processing of
personal data is an important request. Personal data is used in
accordance with the regulations of the federal data law for the
protection BDSG; the operator of this Website commits himself to
the discretion. These web pages can contain links to web pages of other providers, to whom this data security explanation does not apply. Further important information is also stated in the general use conditions.

1. Personal data
Personal data is to be experienced as information,
which can be used in Addition to the identity. This includes information like the correct name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information, those not directly brought in connection with the real identity (as for example favoured web pages or number of users of a Site) is not to be included.
In principle one can use our on-line often without disclosure of the identity. If one decides for a registration, thus as a member (registered user), one can deposit personal information to the individual user profile. It is subject to the free decision whether this data is entered. As it is tried to raise as little as possible personal data for a registration, the indication of a name is enough- under which one is led as a member and which does not have to
agree with the true name - and the indication of the E-Mail
address, to which the password is sent out. In connection with the
access to our sites data become server lateral (for the example IP
address, date, time and regarded sites) stored. Personal utilization does not take place.
The statistic evaluation of anonymous data records remains
reserved. We use the personal data for purposes of the technical
administration of the web pages and for customer administration only to in each case the extent necessary for it. Further more personal data is stored only if this is voluntarily indicated.

2. Passing on of personal data
We use personal Information only for this web page. We do not pass on the information to third parties without expressed agreement. If data should be passed on to providers, in context of the order date processing, then These are bind to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG (Federal Law for Data Protection) , other laws and to this Privacy Policy.
Collections and/or transmissions of personal data to national institutions and authorities take place only in the context of compelling legislation.

3. Use of cookies
We make use of cookies -small files with configuration Information. They help to determine individual user adjustments and realize special user functions. We do not use cookies to seize personal data. Many functions of the Website are applicable
also without cookies however some user-defined characteristics and
adjustments are not available then.

4. Children
Persons under 18 years of age should not convey any personal data without the agreement of parents or legal Guardian. We do not request any personal data of children, do not collect these and do not pass them on to third.

5. Right of withdrawal
If you left us personal data, you are able to change or delete this in the user Profile at any time. For a complete deletion of the account please turn to the Web master. Until this time effected contributions may under circumstances, in forums, comments,
announcements of date and articles, remain received- information in addition also with the general use conditions.

6. Links to other Websites
3D Hand Design explains expressly to have no influence on the design and contents of the linked sites. Therefore 3D Hand Design hereby expressly dissociates itself from any contents of everything
on the Web appearance from 3D Hand Design linked sites, and does not
accept any contents as their own. This explanation
applies to all in the sites existing hyperlinks of whether
indicated or hidden, and for all contents of the sites, to which these
hyperlinks may lead to.

7. Contributions
The contributions on our site are accessible for
everyone. Contributions should be examined carefully before publication whether they contain data, which are not intended for the public. The contributions possibly seized in search machines and also without purposeful call of these Website world-wide accessible.

All diagrams and texts on this side are property of 3D Hand Design®