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3D-Memories Imprint-Set Tin Can Gift Box

Produttore Mammut

N. articolo A30KSE17


Tempo di consegna circa 1-3 giorni

Contenuto 1
€ 9,95 *

Informazioni sul prodotto "3D-Memories Imprint-Set Tin Can Gift Box"

Create great memorieswith airdried imprint clay. Display your finished imprint in your tin.


  • 1 colouful tin can(app. Ø 16,5 cm),
  • 1 bag of clay,
  • 1 wooden roller pin,
  • plastic support

Format of packaging: app. 17 x 17 x 3,8 cm

Instructions are available in english, french, italian and netherlands. Please let us know what language you prefer if english is not yourfavorite choice.


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