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Cubes de verre acrylique de différentes tailles

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Color floor


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Marque Lucky Hands

Article n° LH-AV-1515.24


Délai de livraison 2 à 3 jours ouvrables

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14,95 € *

Informations sur le produit "Cubes de verre acrylique de différentes tailles"

This cube made of 3 mm acrylic glass transforms your artwork instantly into a rare eye-catching exhibit. Upgrade your Lucky-Hands gypsum casting with this handmade display case and simultaneously increase the life-span of your exhibition by protecting it from external influence.

Floor Clearance
In order to better accentuate your extraordinary piece of art, a decorative piece of felt is included with every cube delivery for a little surcharge. When ordering, choose from the colors pink, light blue, dark blue, grey or black. Naturally, you can exhibit and let your piece of art be admired at any time without the felt.

Exclusives at your choice
For a small extra charge, we can personalize your display case on one side with a text. For example, the name and date of birth of the child has an elegant effect on a silver background. The text of your one-line printing can be conveniently entered as comment when ordering.

Easy assembly
The precious display case consists of two precisely cut, U-formed halves. During assembly, simply place the felt and your exhibition piece on the bottom. Then carefully place the upper halves on top - finished! You need not cut, glue or screw together anything. The smart form lets you re-decorate your display case easily and as often as you like.

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